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exo-m overdose first stage - luhan

When u post a gif, do you post it as picture or video? Lol I'm such a noob .



Happy Birthday Luhan! ♥

gorgeous in white

happy 24th birthday  L U H A N  ♡ #HappyLuhanDay


happy birthday luhan!(^ω^)

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happy birthday to our manly luhan ><

happy birthday, Lu Han.
please be happy and never lose the brightest smile of yours, which this is the most precious thing i have ever seen.
 我爱你 ♡

[EXO-M 140419] During Tao’s interview, the MC touched Tao’s forehead and commented that he was really burning up and asked if he was okay to perform. Tao said: ‘I’m actually feeling okay. I think that being on stage, all the pain goes away and this is my job so i feel very lucky to be standing on this stage today.” x x